Thank you Dr. Johanna Lelke!

Thank you Dr. Johanna Lelke!

Dr. Lelke came out and helped out some Oakland youth over the last several months.  She stepped up and gave knowledgeable advice and practical stretches for aches and pains.  I know one young student religiously did her stretches for shin pain and she was able to complete her first half marathon because of it.  Thanks Johanna!  You are an angel!

Oaklanders, I hope you’ll help support Johanna and seek her out when you need chiropractic care. Her office is in Berkeley, check out her website: Lelke Chiropractic Sports Therapy.

Here’s her post on Running for a Better Oakland:


Author: oaklandrunning

I run because: * it's my form of meditation * helps me handle all the stress in my life * keeps me grounded and centered * makes me appreciate my body and take care of it (nutrition, stretching) * relaxes me * it's a simple activity that we know how to do instinctively * it's accessible to anybody, anywhere

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