Cooped up on the couch lately…

Started running again after a long hiatus.  And I TRIED to ease into it by running 13 miles per week and then WHAM!  I’m taken out by a blubbering, brutal cold this week. So. I’ve been out of commission AGAIN.  But I am focused and COMMITTED to posting twice weekly.

So in between sleepless nights and medicated. dreams I discovered three great finds this week:

1.  Loni Love is a great comedian who I discovered on Ellen ( Loni Learns to be a Fairy). Her twitter handle is @lonilove. I want to see her LIVE!

2. This Spitfire iPhone app has designed a multitude of varying workouts for women and is inspiring already. Spitfire app. (You will need to create a username/password to use).

3. Being unable to sleep due to sudafed and nasal congestion, I was able to finish reading The Goldfinch. What a great read! Would live to see how it’s adapted into a movie. Especially the Boris character who was so richly developed and fascinating!

So those were my top three finds for the week. Never mind not updating my resume, planning for my next trip, or cleaning the house. Those three listed items are what I’d like the world to know that I accomplished ALL week long.

Unicorn with attitude
Photo from

Have a good weekend and stay healthy! Eat some fruit will ya?!  Don’t make me send this unicorn after you!


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