Day five: Oops!

Oops.  I didn’t write a post yesterday.

Naturally, I didn’t remember until I was about to fall asleep.  Rather than beat myself up, I let it go.  This means, I let my goal shift.  I’m still going to write every day.  Just don’t expect miracles or a perfect post.

Writing is new to me.  Oh, I can write a good enough email for work, and get my point across, but writing for personal purposes and then posting online is challenging.  I want to be funny, and likable, and perfect.  But I think I need to find my own “writing” voice first.  And gather tips from other bloggers.

There are plenty of resources online and I’ll be sure to look into them.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t heard of The Bloggess, I highly recommend her.  She’s awesome.  I read “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened” and was snorting out loud.  She has a new book out which I can’t wait to read.

Have a great Sunday funday!


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