Day 6: Back to Running

Am back on the road to running.   It’s always harder to get back into a regular routine than maintaining one.  So I’m starting conservatively, with a  beginning running routine.  My beginning routine will start with 20 minutes of running five days a week.  After I maintain that for a few weeks, then I’ll start increasing the mileage/time.

AND, I promise to start a cross-training program.  Following a program has always been my weakness.  This will be the toughest part.  Cross-training is super important because it strengthens your running by building muscle other than the ones you use when running.  (Sorry that’s a crappily-written sentence).

My fave power song  these days is: “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten.  Watch “Fight Song” here (links to You Tube)

Also, it feels AWESOME to finish a run.  No matter it’s length.  🙂


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