Officially suck at this blogging thing

I’m so sorry you’ve stumbled across this page.  You ought to really just move along.

So, I’ve lost track of what day of (non)blogging today is.  I was supposed to post something once a day.  Seemed simple in the beginning.  And I didn’t even care if it was a crap post.  But after not blogging all weekend, I knew I had to get back on track.

So this weekend, we had an anniversary dinner, a birthday party, cat-sitting duties, typical errands and lots of napping.  I did accomplish one goal for the week, which was to run 12 miles this week.  For week 2 of running, I’m using Jeff Galloway’s Half Marathon Plan.  I like that you just punch in the program on your iPhone and do whatever he tells you to do.  I don’t have to think, watch the clock and it feels like I have a personal trainer.

Tomorrow will be Day 2 of the Jeff Galloway walk/run program.  It’s totally doable, and in this morning’s heat, it was a big sweaty workout.


One comment

  1. I love programs like that, it just makes it easier to be motivated to get the run done. I use the Nike+ coach, and that work well for me. Good job on hitting 12 miles today!

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