Toxic people

Do you have toxic people in your life? I know quite a few. Not all are family members. LOL.

When I was younger I thought toxic people and their crazy drama was the price you paid for friendship. But in the last few years, I realize I don’t have to hang out with these people who add stress to my life. What a concept! When toxic people come to me with their problems, I usually feel the need to help them. But then I realized I was spending more time trying to fix their problems than my own.

Amazing how I learned I don’t have to put up with people like that. This year, I have distanced myself from several people who are energy-drainers. So far, I’ve been able to focus on my work problems, get back into shape and spend more time with those who are a positive influence instead of draining my limited energy.

Sometimes you have to make room for the positive stuff to come into your life. And that can include people too.


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