Hi there. It’s me. Oakland Running.

So I went MIA for a bit. Sorry about that. I’ve been out running. Nothing intense, just trying to get into a regular schedule. And I think I’m almost there. Are you on Strava? This is my favorite app to use to track my running mileage. Right now I’m running roughly 20 miles a week. Which is great. Slow and steady pace, not worried about time. It’s awesome. I’m sleeping better and getting a lot more tanned.

This past week we said goodbye to the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Like everyone else I am so sad and bummed that the show will not exist in that form again. He and his staff were SO talented and enlightening. He was such a great TV host, with integrity, and compassion. Oh, and he was funny too. Not all the time funny, because that would just be un-human-like. He was a human and I hope ONE of us out there can become more involved in politics and calling out our politicians.

Anyway, that’s all I have to say because I need to go out running. It’s already past 9:30 a.m. Way later than I expected to go running today!

Happy Running out there!


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