Still here

Wow.  It’s been almost a year since I last posted anything here.  That’s sad.  As in pathetic sad.  I just need to keep writing and not expect f*cking Shakespeare from myself.

So, here I am still alive and still running.  Who the f*ck cares if I’m running slower these days.  If you had the same problems I’ve been having, you’d just be grateful you can still be out there running.

Yeah, so I’ve been dealing with some sh*t lately.  It’s been rough.  But I am a f*cking survivor!  YES!  I’m slowly crawling out and feeling awesome these days.  Got some travel plans and am excited about them!  If you have non-Hamilton suggestions for NYC, let me know.  Already stoked about running in Central Park, hitting more museums and eating out.

Making today’s post short and sweet.  Not gonna make a big deal out of writing again.

Stay human.



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