No running for a while

Achilles tendonitis is the verdict.  That nagging heel pain that’s been bothering me for months finally has a name.  I’m taking aleve, icing and not running or doing as much walking.

Today I get to go to physical therapy and get some new exercises.  I am really really hoping I get to keep running.

Instead of running, I’ve sucked it up and gone to the pool.  I really loathe being in a pool.  The water is usually too chlorinated and it burns my sinuses.  I feel like I’m running through quicksand and don’t like going as slow in the water.  But just playing in the water makes me realize how little my upper body gets worked out.  When I’m out of breath after just treading water, I’m kind of glad I’m doing it because I know it will make me stronger.  And I’ve been going to the pool every day since Thursday.  Hopefully this recovery stint will teach me to learn to love the pool.

I’m supposed to stay away from high-impact sports.  So I’m still doing formal yoga once a week and biking is allowed, so there’s always that.  But I long to feel invincible again, and the only thing that has ever made me feel that strong has been running.

Patience, at the very least I will strengthen my practice skill.  And skip the ice cream until I can stop gaining weight.


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