President-Elect Trump

Just writing the title is painful.  There are many emotions I and others are experiencing this week, and may well for the next four years.

I was stunned, stupefied, and flummoxed.  Whatever that feeling is when you think things will turn out awesome, great (“our first woman president”) and then the outcome is at the opposite end of the spectrum.

After I realized Trump had won the election, I couldn’t wrap my head around it for a few hours, and then when my body completely absorbed and accepted the idea, I crapped my pants.  Literally.  I was hiking and had one too many cups of coffee apparently.  And on my way down, I didn’t make it to the bathroom fast enough.  I will carry that memory with me for the next four years.

I am still stunned and petrified about what this means for our country.  Hearing bits and pieces of who is leading the transition team, and who’s going to be in the cabinet, is traumatizing.

But perhaps, it won’t be that bad, perhaps it wont effect my friends and family.  Still, the fact that a first-class asshole can become president reduces our country’s influence.  What kind of a role model is he?  He doesn’t pay taxes, he’s an internet bully, and he’s a man-child.  I don’t see how this will end up well.

While I don’t expect anyone to read this, I just needed to get this down.  I haven’t even really fully talked this over with anyone.  I’m too paralyzed and in a little bit of denial.

So this is the time where I advocate self-care.  Even if it’s just going through the motions, we need healthy citizens of this country.  How else are we going to make it through the next four years?  Let’s be kind to ourselves and one another.  If we can’t, then maybe see a therapist to work out why.

I’m not sure what role I will carve out for myself, but this election has certainly put a fire under my ass.  I can only think in broad strokes right now, but I need to think about how I can help citizens who will definitely be bullied.

How can you heal the entire nation when half won’t listen to facts or simple logic?  Is it even possible?



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