Happy New Year…?

Like one comedian said, it may be too early to call it.

As far as goals, I managed to sign up for a marathon.  Seeing through to it, is a whole other story.  This current cold doesn’t seem to be doing doing much for my mental state; so signing up was a bold, brave move.

I’ve done several (3) half-marathons, and I’ve recently discovered trail running, which I’m super excited about!  In the past I’ve jumped the gun and gotten too excited and done more miles than I should and end up injured.  Usually overuse injuries.  I’m going to follow a plan, most likely Hal Higdon’s Novice 1 plan.  I run just about once a week, but the rest of the week I’ve been sedentary, sick or just stuck (with other tasks/duties/errands/etc).

So I’m going to gingerly put my 2017 goal down below, and think long and hard before I start running 20 miles/week right away.  There is so much planning to do for this race, I’m ecstatic for where the journey will take me.

I’m going to run a marathon in October.
I’m going to run a marathon in October.
I’m going to run a marathon in October.


Author: oaklandrunning

I run because: * it's my form of meditation * helps me handle all the stress in my life * keeps me grounded and centered * makes me appreciate my body and take care of it (nutrition, stretching) * relaxes me * it's a simple activity that we know how to do instinctively * it's accessible to anybody, anywhere

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