Day 2 of running plan

Did not quite go running today. With the cold and fact that I didnt get any sleep last night. Managed to wander/walk around for three miles this morning. And I met my step goal, so yay me. 

Am I really that bad for not going running today?  I did some PT exercises (not a whole lot), and I still have this cold. How’m I supposed to breathe when my sinuses are this clogged?

I’ll get out there. Meanwhile I’ll put the fritos back in the cupboard. 


Author: oaklandrunning

I run because: * it's my form of meditation * helps me handle all the stress in my life * keeps me grounded and centered * makes me appreciate my body and take care of it (nutrition, stretching) * relaxes me * it's a simple activity that we know how to do instinctively * it's accessible to anybody, anywhere

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