Still here

Wow.  It’s been almost a year since I last posted anything here.  That’s sad.  As in pathetic sad.  I just need to keep writing and not expect f*cking Shakespeare from myself.

So, here I am still alive and still running.  Who the f*ck cares if I’m running slower these days.  If you had the same problems I’ve been having, you’d just be grateful you can still be out there running.

Yeah, so I’ve been dealing with some sh*t lately.  It’s been rough.  But I am a f*cking survivor!  YES!  I’m slowly crawling out and feeling awesome these days.  Got some travel plans and am excited about them!  If you have non-Hamilton suggestions for NYC, let me know.  Already stoked about running in Central Park, hitting more museums and eating out.

Making today’s post short and sweet.  Not gonna make a big deal out of writing again.

Stay human.



Hi there. It’s me. Oakland Running.

So I went MIA for a bit. Sorry about that. I’ve been out running. Nothing intense, just trying to get into a regular schedule. And I think I’m almost there. Are you on Strava? This is my favorite app to use to track my running mileage. Right now I’m running roughly 20 miles a week. Which is great. Slow and steady pace, not worried about time. It’s awesome. I’m sleeping better and getting a lot more tanned.

This past week we said goodbye to the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Like everyone else I am so sad and bummed that the show will not exist in that form again. He and his staff were SO talented and enlightening. He was such a great TV host, with integrity, and compassion. Oh, and he was funny too. Not all the time funny, because that would just be un-human-like. He was a human and I hope ONE of us out there can become more involved in politics and calling out our politicians.

Anyway, that’s all I have to say because I need to go out running. It’s already past 9:30 a.m. Way later than I expected to go running today!

Happy Running out there!

My heart hurts today

Yesterday I ran into an old friend yesterday. We stopped seeing each other because of her husband. (He’s one of the toxic people I need to avoid.)  I was super happy to see her. She, not-so-much. After an awkward hug we parted ways. It wasn’t until later that my emotions surfaced and I realized how much I miss my friend. 

A few hours later we saw “Trainwreck”, which was awesome. But it totally reminded me of my old life and what it was like: the drinking, the partying, lack of close friends. I don’t miss it, but Amy reminded me of myself and made me super emotional. 

So today I am still a little emotional and sad.  But luckily a new In-n-Out opened up in Alameda, so I’m going to stuff my feelings for a litle while. 

Writing is hard

Duh.  Of course writing is hard.  So why am I trying to write?  Why “put myself out there”?  I want to grow and learn, sure. And unfortunately, there’s always this weird, awkward puberty period where growth happens. And that’s where my writing is right now.

Eventually, my goal is to write more in depth posts about running, life, current events. I’m nowhere near doing that right now. So, maybe you want to save yourself some time and come back here in a year. I feel like I’m learning how to walk just by posting on a daily basis. It’s slow, arduous and I keep “falling” by not posting on a regular basis.

I’m inspired and emboldened by quotes like:

“If you want to be a writer, write!”

I mostly want to write for my own sanity. There are so many thoughts, ideas and discoveries that I have that I need to express. And rather than bug my friends and family with every little snippet of an idea, I have decided to put myself out there (warning: nonsequitur ahead).

Another shooting has happened (I’m watching the morning news right now). When will this nonsense end? Does the entire nation need anger management classes? Why can’t we ban guns? And shouldn’t we be offering more mental health services if people are taking out their frustration by killing people? (Yes, I know how naive this all sounds, but again, I’m in the early “walking” stage of writing and writing from the hip will help me in the long run).

Meanwhile, I do have a few things you can look at on Pinterest. That’s another place I’m utilizing. (And it’s not all cat photos, sorry).

Please have a good weekend and try not to kill anyone.

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